Balancing the burden of work – David’s story

I live with my wife who also works full time but at hours and at weekends and is quite physical that is not conducive to having time to do much housework and on her days off needs the rest. For those reasons I undertake most of the house work cleaning the bathroom and toilet, general dusting and hoovering, all cloths washing and other general tasks. We both shop and cook for ourselves and do our own ironing, although on the odd occasion she will iron my shirts. Then once every few months I will employ a cleaner for a more thorough clean.

I believe all of these things whether for financial reward or not constitute work and as a couple we must exist in the most productive way possible regardless of the actual activity. I think I’m trying to say that at the end of the week or month or year if there has been equal effort the actual activity does not matter, so housework is just another activity and dose not necessarily have to be shared, it is just part of the whole.

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