Balancing work – Angela’s story

I am a menopausal mother of 4 with only our youngest (18) still at home. I work at home as a hairdresser, though much less now as finances are in a healthier place than when we had a big mortgage and all the children to support, my husband works full time for TFL. Even back then when we had a lodger living in our living room to help make our incomes stretch, I have always had a cleaner, working from home meant the house always had to be clean and I hate cleaning, I would rather do an extra set of highlights and pay someone else to do housework.

I’ve never ironed, I wash on low spin and hang clothes up straight away, shopping and cooking has always been shared between me and partner, I did the washing and he put the bins out, kids had allocated jobs around home. When kids were younger childcare fell on me as I worked from home (not an easy option). Nowadays, I’m more of a princess, with two men who do all the cooking and tea making, I still do washing and in lock down our son has been doing his version of cleaning the house, as cleaner can’t come and he can’t work to pay his housekeeping. As for shopping in lock down, I haven’t been out, hello fresh food deliveries and top up by daughter adding to her list for us. I do gardening and husband does whatever is on his “list”. Think we’re all happy.

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