Cleaning around the home – Debra’s story

Cleaning be it essential to ensure your home is dirt, grease and grime free!! Well as best as it can be, is at best necessary but sometimes irksome. I am always surprised at how dust creeps in even after a week, as well as the hidden grit that you unintentionally find when walking barefoot across the floor. Yet I did only washed the floor earlier that day! I clean what would be deemed as ‘thoroughly’ once a week, but I daily clean the toilet, sink and kitchen area. My mother would clean pretty much every moment of the day, which initially I too mimicked as I grew up until I had children. It was then I realised that actually there is more to life than cleaning every moment if the day… making memories, spending time with my children, together exploring the world around us.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t clean at all, but through less cleaning and making It a whole family adventure my children quickly took part and took on their own roles in maintaining their rooms and the areas we shared in together. It has been like this ever since. My children take as much care in cleaning, but It is not their life. Bugs and germs are always going to be part of our world, no amount of cleaning is going eradicate them (is that a good thing anyway?). Therefore, it’s a matter of time management and an awareness that there is more to life than constantly cleaning.

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