Working in the home

Working in the home: housework, childcare, managing a household and maintaining a pleasant environment – all crucial jobs which are often not talked about or even acknowledged as ‘work’. It’s time we started discussing it and breaking silence around this often invisible physical, emotional and intellectual labour.

We want to hear your stories of working in the home – who does the hoovering in your house? In the current coronavirus crisis, millions have been confronted with their homes and the domestic work required to maintain them in new ways. Maybe you divide up the housework equally between the people in the household, or maybe you are taking on more of the housework and childcare responsibilities to support someone working on the frontline. Whatever your family situation, we want to hear from you.

Your stories

  • Living on one’s own – Amber’s story
    I live on my own and have no caring responsibilities therefore the housework is done by me or not at all! Sometimes I choose the latter because I work and do not like to spend my spare time cleaning however I never let the house get into a bad state.
  • Pink vs Blue, another perspective – Gareth’s story
    My wife and I got married in August 2015 and moved in together in a new home we had been renovating for 6 months for the first time the day after the wedding. Having neither livid with anyone other than family before it was always going to be interesting and different, no parents or siblings to help with the housework and chores, we were, for the first time, on our own!
  • Different expectations – Elodie’s story
    I live with my partner of 6 years. We do not have children. I am responsible for managing the house in terms of bills and I also do the majority of the weekly housework. My partner comes from a more ‘traditional’ family where his stepfather does not do any domestic chores.
  • In search of respite – Jacqui’s story
    I live with my two sons: 16 and 10. My 10 year old is autistic and not able to meaningfully participate in school with Covid so I’m home schooling. And working full time as an academic. I’ve hired two wonderful respite workers to work on reading, math and socialisation skills with my 10yo and my mom takes him 4 hours in the afternoon. I’m a single mom, and my youngest goes to his dad’s on the weekend. My workweek has shifted to include the weekend, though I try to spend meaningful time with my oldest during those days because he […]

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Tales of domestic labour

Got a story to share? We welcome stories from anyone, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what your domestic arrangements may be.