Pink jobs vs blue jobs? – Vanessa’s story

I’m married with 2 children, who currently do not live at home. I guess having watched my mother do all the domestic chores, that it was my role to do the same. I never questioned it. So once I set up home at the age of 22/23 with my then to be husband I took on the majority of the jobs. At time I have felt quite consumed with it, especially when I had two small children and going back to work.

Over the years I have got my husband to help me more and on a regular basis. He would not be able to initiate it or he would not know what needs to be done, but excepts guidance. Most of the jobs I hate doing and always feel that once they are done they do not last and have to be repeated several days later. Recently I employed a cleaner, which I absolutely love. Though due to lockdown she has not been able to come.( interestingly most cleaners are female. ) My husband and I have fallen into doing certain jobs. I have heard my colleague talk about blue jobs and pink jobs. Blue jobs = empty the rubbish / put out the rubbish / load the dishwasher. Pink jobs = washing / ironing / dusting / hoovering / shopping and cooking. Hope this is helpful, if you need any more info please contact me.

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  • 28 May 2020 at 8:27 am

    Hi Vanessa, thanks for your story. The whole pink jobs vs blue jobs is a really interesting area I think, and still seems to permeate society, and not just in the home. I remember back when I was working in PR, I worked for a female company director who had a very specific idea not about what jobs were ‘pink’ jobs, but rather about what jobs she could categorically define as ‘blue’ jobs, and so were left for me, the only man in the office. Typically, these jobs were anything particular dirty / disgusting, or my personal peve: anything relating to going up ladders, or picking up heavy things. :/


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