Separating work from home – David’s story

I currently live with my partner. We both work for the NHS as allied healthcare professionals. My partner’s job has remained relatively the same, with them going into a hospital at their usual shift times. Mine, however, has been quite different. I have had to bring a large amount of my work into the home which has brought specific challenges. The role is emotionally very demanding and it is much harder to get a sense of separation from work and the home. I have managed to create some distance by setting up an office in the spare bedroom.

In terms of housework, we actually split this by our preferred activities. I generally prefer to clean the kitchen while my partner is happy to do the bathrooms. We share the hoovering, dusting, and mopping etc as needed. We are both avid cookers so this is something we both enjoy! Due to recent job and academic pressures we have begun to use Hello Fresh, which has taken some of the strain off, as shopping, preparing, and cooking food can be quite cognitively demanding. Although the running of a home can often be seen as a physical task, we are keen that both the cognitive and physical loads are shared equally. Furthermore, we don’t gender the jobs we do for example, my partner recently built a killer set of shelves and I hemmed the curtains. Finally, as we both work full-time we feel that the running of the house should be split equally; however, it’s likely this belief would still be the same even if one of us worked part-time.

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