Clean kitchen with red crockery and black cupboard doors. Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash.

Pink vs Blue, another perspective – Gareth’s story

My wife and I got married in August 2015 and moved in together in a new home we had been renovating for 6 months for the first time the day after the wedding. Having neither livid with anyone other than family before it was always going to be interesting and different, no parents or siblings to help with the housework and chores, we were, for the first time, on our own!

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Kitchen sink. Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash.

Pink jobs vs blue jobs? – Vanessa’s story

I’m married with 2 children, who currently do not live at home. I guess having watched my mother do all the domestic chores, that it was my role to do the same. I never questioned it. So once I set up home at the age of 22/23 with my then to be husband I took on the majority of the jobs. At time I have felt quite consumed with it, especially when I had two small children and going back to work.

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