Plates on a drying rack. Photo by Tracey Hocking on Unsplash.

Balancing work – Angela’s story

I am a menopausal mother of 4 with only our youngest (18) still at home. I work at home as a hairdresser, though much less now as finances are in a healthier place than when we had a big mortgage and all the children to support, my husband works full time for TFL. Even back then when we had a lodger living in our living room to help make our incomes stretch, I have always had a cleaner, working from home meant the house always had to be clean and I hate cleaning, I would rather do an extra set of highlights and pay someone else to do housework.

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Kitchen sink. Photo by Florencia Potter on Unsplash.

Pink jobs vs blue jobs? – Vanessa’s story

I’m married with 2 children, who currently do not live at home. I guess having watched my mother do all the domestic chores, that it was my role to do the same. I never questioned it. So once I set up home at the age of 22/23 with my then to be husband I took on the majority of the jobs. At time I have felt quite consumed with it, especially when I had two small children and going back to work.

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