Cleaning in the home: hand sanitiser. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Cleaning around the home – Debra’s story

Cleaning be it essential to ensure your home is dirt, grease and grime free!! Well as best as it can be, is at best necessary but sometimes irksome. I am always surprised at how dust creeps in even after a week, as well as the hidden grit that you unintentionally find when walking barefoot across the floor. Yet I did only washed the floor earlier that day! I clean what would be deemed as ‘thoroughly’ once a week, but I daily clean the toilet, sink and kitchen area. My mother would clean pretty much every moment of the day, which initially I too mimicked as I grew up until I had children. It was then I realised that actually there is more to life than cleaning every moment if the day… making memories, spending time with my children, together exploring the world around us.

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